Base-2 Solutions is a woman-owned small business based in Washington, DC, employing personnel to support our national security mission and the forward-deployed Warfighter. We are a premier provider of solutions in the areas of Software & System Engineering, DevSecOps, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and Strategic Communications.

Software Engineering.

We are experts at programming code and utilizing the most recent software libraries, frameworks and tools within an agile development environment.

  • Java, Python, C, C++, SQL, PHP, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl
  • Maven, Gradle, Ant, GCC, Make
  • Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes
  • Jenkins, Nexus, TeamCity
  • Git, SVN, CVS
  • Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA

Software Engineering

Full-Stack Development.

We have experience in all layers of software development from front-end to back-end. JavaScript to SQL.

  • PHP, HTML5, Python, Ruby, CSS3, JavaScript, NodeJS, SQL
  • D3.js, jQuery, React
  • Bootstrap
  • MongoDB, MySQL, Redis
  • AngularJS, ASP.net
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

Full-Stack Development


We are skilled in using the methodologies and tools to seamlessly connect developers, security, configuration management and operations within the DevSecOps culture and practice.

  • Jenkins, TeamCity, Nexus, Artifactory
  • Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack
  • Splunk, Ganglia, Graphite, Nagios
  • RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, Tibco
  • Maven, Gradle, Ant, Make
  • Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes
  • JIRA, Confluence


Cyber Security.

We are experienced in protecting critical infrastructure computers, networks, programs, and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change, or destruction.

  • Snort, Nessus
  • Wireshark, Nmap, OpenVAS
  • OpenSSH, Iptables, DNSSEC, Firewalld
  • SELinux, OpenVPN, Kerberos, OpenSCAP, Libreswan, USBGuard
  • OpenSSL, PKI, X.509, SSL/TLS, Cipher Suites, FIPS, AIDE, MACsec, scrub
  • TCP Wrappers, xinetd, stunnel, LUKS, Clevis, Tang

Cyber Security

Cloud Computing.

We can leverage cloud-based computing services to include servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence resulting in faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale. Our solutions allow you to run your infrastructure more efficiently, and scale as your business needs change.

  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
  • Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine
  • Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage
  • Amazon Aurora, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, RDS, SQL Azure, Cloud SQL
  • Amazon VPC, Azure Virtual Network

Cloud Computing

Strategic Communications.

We understand that strategic communications is a vital activity for supporting our military operations and national security interest. Information can affect attitudes, and ultimately behavior and is one of the most important tools we have to shape the battlefield months and years in advance.

  • Outreach
  • Actions, Messages, Images
  • Consistency, Coordination
  • Inform, Influence, Persuade

Strategic Communications

Our culture is built around trust and purpose. We know that trust and purpose lead employees to have less stress, more energy at work, higher productivity, more engagement, and more satisfaction in their lives. We built and maintain this culture by upholding these behaviors.

Recognize excellence. Employees at Base-2 Solutions are recognized for their achievements. We celebrate one another’s achievements as a group. We believe this inspires others to aim high and provides top performers a setting to share best practices with the team.

Give people freedom in how they work. Whenever possible, we give our employees discretion in how they complete projects and manage teams. We empower our employees by allowing them greater control over how they do their work. We believe autonomy allows people to experiment, which leads to innovation.

Build relationships. Time and again, organizational efficiency and neurology studies have proven that when employees build social connections, they are more productive and perform better. At Base-2 Solutions, we organize opportunities for you to connect with your teammates during the workday and outside of work. Peers build respect and trust by spending time together at work-sponsored lunches, after-work events, and team-building activities.

Create openness. Employees at Base-2 Solutions understand where we are headed and can contribute to this vision. They are well informed about company goals, objectives, and strategies.


We structure our salaries to be competitive for the region and market conditions.


Comprehensive health coverage is designed to keep you and your family healthy.

Health Insurance

100% Paid Premiums

Choose from over 60 gold level plans from 4 carriers for you and your eligible family members.

  • 60+ Gold Level Plans
  • Aetna, CareFirst, Kaiser, UnitedHealthcare
  • Health Savings Account

Dental Insurance

100% Paid Premiums

Plans cover you and your eligible family members.

  • CareFirst
  • National PPO Plan

Vision Insurance

100% Paid Premiums

Plans cover you and your eligible family members.

  • CareFirst
  • National Plan

Income Protection

Benefits should provide peace of mind, support you and your family, and help you successfully navigate life events. We took all these factors into account when we developed our income protection features.

Short-Term Disability

100% Paid Premiums

  • 60% of Weekly Earnings
  • $2,000 Maximum Weekly Benefit
  • 13 Week Benefit Period

Long-Term Disability

100% Paid Premiums

  • 60% of Monthly Earnings
  • $10,000 Maximum Monthly Benefit
  • Normal Retirement Age Benefit Period

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

100% Paid Premiums

  • $100,000 Maximum Benefit

Basic Term Life Insurance

100% Paid Premiums

  • $100,000 Maximum Benefit


Designed to make your journey to retirement easier.


8% Company Contribution

  • Immediate Vesting of Contributions
  • 4% Match
  • 4% Profit Sharing
  • Pre-Tax and Roth Options


Time off is as important to your professional productivity as it is to your personal well-being. We offer several types of leave that together total the time you need to live your life outside the office.

Flexible Paid Time Off (PTO)

Up to 4 Weeks

Accrue paid time off for vacations, personal time, and short-term illness.

Borrow up to 40 hours of PTO before you accrue it, with company approval.

Paid Floating Holidays

10 Days

Employees get ten paid floating holidays each year.

  • New Year's Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • George Washington’s Birthday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day